Penguin: Sound Out
How can Penguin make books and reading an unmissable part of pop culture? 

Books feed culture and are an indispensible part of culture. But what happens when our digitally-saturated world contends for our attention and time? How might we re-integrate books into the lives of on-the-go millennials who need a time out?

Sound Out fits right in and brings you out on just the adventure you crave.

Think reading Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, while seated in a quaint and bustling café, except that you’re in the comforts of your bed. Or, reading 1984 by George Orwell while on commute, with sounds of whirring telescreens and distant bombings.

Whether you’re looking for a getaway from reality, or love an immersive experience, Sound Out delivers, all while bringing the joy of reading.

We’re looking to reach a generation right where they are; where things are personalised just the way they like it, and easily shared with their loved ones.

Experience reading like never before.

D&AD New Blood Awards Submission (2022)
Brief set by Penguin
User Experience
Web Design
Advertising Campaign
Graphic Design

Estelle Queck

︎︎︎ The Out-of-Home posters and billboards include sound accompaniment to the fun and eye-catching visuals.

As commuters make their way down the escalator, they are able to hear the ambient sounds which the setting in each poster brings. This could create a multi-sensory experience which could reach the target audience at a deeper emotional level.

The QR codes on each poster also allows commuters to instantly find out more about Sound Out through its microsite.