Space Oddity
Vinyl Sleeves Redesign

︎This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today︎

Space Oddity is a vinyl sleeve redesign project for, well, Space Oddity—an iconic song by the genius, David Bowie. The song was a hit at its time and it's one of Bowie's most popular songs. At the surface, the song illustrates an astronaut, Major Tom who went up to the space and had missed the life on earth. However, the song has many interpretation as speculated by his listeners. Some said it's about the feeling of alienation and distancing themselves with others and others also said that it might be about Bowie's confrontation of his past where he has a drug addiction. Therefore, both meaning has been taken into consideration for the design approach.

Starting with the visual of the outer space, the title has been made in small sizes and distant from each other to mimic the constellation.

Often times, drug user are seen as "odd" and alienated by the society. The feeling of both isolation and being seen as weird, has been emphasized through the characteristic of the type where the title has been made into more distorted than normally. A blur motion effect has also been added to show how the things in space are always moving and rotating.
School project (2018)
LASALLE College of the Arts

Graphic Design

︎︎︎ Details

For the back cover, a countdown clock was brought into the design to illustrate the T-minus or countdown part from the song. The T-minus is also generally used during NASA countdown to a rocket launch. The numbers are placed in a circular form to mimic a stopwatch. As the numbers going down, the size is also reducing, which mimics how we see an airplane or rocket before and after they take off.

Borrowing an element from the music video, a soundwave was used in this vinyl sleeve redesign. The use of the soundwave is also inspired by how in space—the only way to communicate with people on the earth is through radio. The astronauts have devices in their helmets that transfer the sound waves from their voices into radio waves and transmit it to the ground (or other astronauts in space). The soundwave is made from the "Ground control to Major Tom" part of the song. It is used because the part is an iconic part of the song and it introduces us to the main character, Major Tom, as he is getting ready to go into space.

Therefore, the back cover was actually the pre-launch moment before he took off and the front cover is what he saw and felt in the outer space.