Gojek: For Students, By Students
Made for Students and by students

Together with Gojek and Forsman&Bodenfors, the 925 campaign aims to promote Gojek as an accessible ride and encourage students (and the general public) to ride Gojek during off-peak hours by offering discounts for rides between 9AM–5PM.

Now the question is: How do we get students like us to ride Gojek?
Divided into three teams (design, video and audio), we were given a chance to conceptualize ideas that would attract and speaks to our peers. Not only do we get to control the campaign's design, but we also become the talent of our campaign.

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In collaboration with Gojek Singapore
and Forsman&Bodenfors Singapore (2021)

Advertising Campaign
Graphic Design

Design Team with:
Khairul Ameer
Mayle Kor
Naomi Chen
Nicole Lee

© Gojek Singapore

© Gojek Singapore

Thanks to Gojek, we get to see our work featured all around Singapore!

© Gojek Singapore

Out-of-Home Billboards and Posters (Personal Documentation)