You’re still here, ah?

Well, I’m guessing it’s either you’re really curious about me or you have too much free time on your hand (ha jk! creatives never sleep).
Anyway, let’s play a game of 4 truths and a lie.

1. Mango yoghurt is the best
2. I once publicly sang “You Raise Me Up” in Japanese
3. I used to play softball
4. I want to be a doctor
5. I love horror movies but hate haunted house

Do you think you can guess it right? Hit me up with your answer and if you’re right, I’ll buy a coffee. How ‘bout that?

︎ Let’s give it a shot!
︎︎︎ Take me back plz!

(Either way, you got a sexy dance from Shrek because you clicked this page. Enjoy!)